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I knowit's very painful tosee someone you loved leave you and go take up with the exact kind of woman they told you they never would want. I've been there, too. It hurts, and in your case, it's especially painful because if your boyfriend is actually having sex with this girl, he's also breaking the law, as in most states, 15 is under the age of consent, and he's over 18, which makes him an adult. He's commiting statutory rape. So why would he rather commit statutory rape with a kid than be with you? It makes no sense, but that's love and relationships. It hardly ever makes sense to someone looking from the outside in. But he's made his choices and unfortunately, it's not up to you to second guess them, question them or do anything about them. The only thing we can do is chalk it up to experience and lessons learned and move on best we can. Break off all contact with him and get more involved with your own life, friends, family, etc. and leave him in the past where he belongs.

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