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Friends with benefits will last only until one or both get bored.. or one or both meet someone who they actually want to be dating.

These situations rarely end well. The longer you continue to sleep with someone, the more likely you are to develope some sort of emotional attachment.. even if its a territorial thing. If he ends up calling things off with you b/c he met a girl he actually wants to commit himself to, you will get jealous in some degree. I suggest getting out of this situation, especially if you have any feelings for him.

Bottom line is.. guys will rarely turn sex down. And if he's already gettin the goods, that's all he's gonna want. He won't put the effort into turning it into something more serious and he won't be the one to end it (unless as said above, he finds a girl he really wants to be with). If you don't want to be a booty call, then get out now!

The most "attached" I've ever seen a guy get in these situations is the territorial thing I mentioned. He may not like the girl emotionally, but he gets jealous and "she's mine" if she starts hooking up with someone else. I've never known a guy to end the physical b/c he had feelings for her.

I think a girl in a FWB situation who finds herself attached makes the mistake of thinking "If I show him how great I am in every department, then he'll eventually want a relationship." When truth is.. at least how its always seemed to go for me or for friends, is that as long as guys are getting all the benefits of a relationship without the committment, they're happy and they will rarely make the change or be the one to end it.

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