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[QUOTE=dodedoo;3223055] I get upset because he barely puts any effort in and he gets frustrated and tells me that he is just so busy all of the time. I feel like if you REALLY love someone you find like 10 minutes out of the day to talk to them? Right? [/QUOTE]

Ok, I'm really really confused, here. You start off your post by saying he is your EX, but here, you sound like you are still in a relationship with him. Is he your ex or isn't he? You guys are either in a relationship or you aren't, and when you say he's your EX, I assume you are no longer in a relationship, so I don't understand why you're upset about him not putting any effort in. Effort into what? There's no longer any relationship to put effort into. Space can mean different things to different people depending on the situation, but in this case, my guess would be that you're acting too much like his girlfriend, when in reality, you're not his girlfriend, you're his ex that he's no longer with but that he still talks to once in a while. He needs for you to stop acting like his girlfriend, to stop putting demands on his time like a girlfriend would, and start acting like a casual friend that he talks casually with once in a while, when he has nothing better to do. If that's not enough for you, if you can't handle that without demanding and wanting more from him, then you should break off all contact entirely until you get over him completely and are ready to be his friend and have contact with him on his schedule.

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