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[QUOTE=kla24;3223317]I have posted before but I'll try to recap the story for those who haven't read it. I need some more advice...and I thank all of you in advance for reading my post and any help you can give me.

I am living with my ex of about 5 years. He is 21, I am 20. We go to the same college and have the same classes. I still love him very much and care for him deeply but he hasn't been feeling the same way about me for some time. He has decided to call a new 16 year old girl his girlfriend, who lives an hour and a half away from us (back home from our college town). Her parents are crazy and let him spend the night there. He has no car and I realize that he's prob. been using me for the 'convenience' of having me around. I've tried staying here to show him what he'll be missing out on if he decides to be with this girl but that doesn't seem to matter. He's cheated on her a few times with me but hasn't done so lately.....I'm not sure why I let him in the first place. The reason we broke up is because of honest/trust issues (he was lying all the time to avoid fights) and then I couldn't trust him. He kept all of his friends that are girls separate from me which made me jealous and suspicious.

I told him if he sleeps with this girl that we would probably never work out again because I feel I would have a hard time getting past that and forgiving it. He has told me he will think about things before he does that but just wants to try having another relationship to see what is out there. I feel like he doesn't even know me anymore because all he knows is the jealous part of me and now we argue all the time about this girl. I am thinking of moving out for a while to my cousinsv(though our lease isn't up until May) to let him think. Last time I left for a week and it seemed things were getting better but after a week or so of living here again we started arguing over this girl again. I want him to at least want to get to know me and give us a chance. He said all that was missing from our relationship was the honesty and trust............which we both know are huge factors. We had a huge talk and I feel like now that we've finally talked and got the truth out we could maybe make it work again after some time apart. What do I do? Does anyone think he'll start to wonder/think about things when I leave and make a jump at it before it's too late (before I move on or he sleeps with this girl, whichever comes first)? Or am I just crazy?[/QUOTE]

the truth here is and i know u dont want to hear it but, i dont believe he will change his mind about you. you have been with him for 5 years so he should already know what he's missing. by u continuing to live there wont show him. he is only using you for the rent money and all that, besides he gets free sex. take it from someone who has been there, done that. i have never lived with a guy before, but the guy i was with previously dumped me. like u i was shattered. he also went with someone else. u think, what does she have that i dont have? what did i do wrong? anyway, i went through all this garbage to try and make him like me. went and got a tan, lost some weight, bought dresses instead of jeans, even had sex with him a few months after the break because hey, u never know, maybe he will start to like me but at the end of the day, i spent my money on someone who most likely couldnt care less if i was dead or alive and that is the honest truth. went through all this emotional bulls**t that wasnt needed. half of the reason i was feeling so down was because it was my fault for allowing it to happen. dont make the same mistake as i did.
you have to remember, "a leapard doesnt change his spots"
"re-heated coffee tastes like *****."
a man who is cheating on a current girlfriend or has treated past ones like trash will never change for her. men dont change for current partners or past partners, they only change when they meet new people.
the best thing u can do is move out and never call or contact him again. i know its hard but in the end u will be glad u did it. the sooner u do it, the sooner u will be happy. and when you're finally over him, its the best feeling in the whole world, trust me, i know the feeling :)

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