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Last chance?
Sep 25, 2007
Iv posted about my current boyfriend and I several time in the past about problems in our relationship. Well A lot had happined since them and I am more confused then ever as to what to do.
A little about our past. We have always had problems, with girls in his past calling him, lying about his past, covering up thing, computer issues, porn issues, issues surrounding disrespect and lazyness....ugh, many! Bottem line is he is very deep and caring on the inside and I know he loves me and will do anything to make us a good pair for the future. I will give him credit in that he has changed a lot of his behaviors that he knew I wouldnt accept and has learned how to treat me better in many ways. He has never been with someone for more the 6-8 months before, so Im his longest girlfriend and most serious according to him. He says he wants to be with forever and have his children. He tells me I make him want to be a better man and that I have already done that, in way of teaching him how to treat a woman.
My concern now is should I continue to try.
Frankly I am kind of sick of trying to save someone or fix them! Its been a little over a year now. We just celebrated our one year over the weekend and decided to give it another go, since we were having a break from each other. I had broken up with him about a month ago now because I was tired of trying and seriously thought it would never chance, he wasnt capable of changing. Almost immediatly after me breaking up with him, there was an incident with a girl from his past and he lied to me about the details. This gurl had been calling him throughout our relationship and he told me many times it was just an old " girlfriend" from high school and she just wants to say Hi. Well, oviously it bothered me because I knew there was more to it. So the incident was that they went out for a drink. He told me she was the one to initiate the meet and he didnt really want to see her but was going just not to be mean. Come to find out they used to date/sleep together and he was the one to ask her out for a drink! I havent been that angry in so long..! It took so my PRYING to get the whole trust out of him. Why would he lie about should small things? He says he lyed because he just thought it would upset me more and that there was nothing going on with this girl at all. He just wanted to catch up. It dropped my trust level right back down to zero when that happined.
Since that I have spoken to the girl about it and everything is fine. The girl is really nice and I have no problem. My only beef was, why would he lie???
Anyways so were back together, and I told him that if he ever lyed to me, about ANYTHING, small or big, it was over. I need to trust the man Im with. And right now there is nothing there to build up from!
Do you think Im wasting my time, does he deserve one last chance...?
Sometimes I dont think hes capable? And should I leave him no matter what, no matter how big the lie is...should I take it if its small??
Im so confused and dont know what to do, it feels like Im in this cloud. And Im embarressed and ashames because I feel stupid for staying with him through all this ***** friends and family know it.

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