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Meeting new people
Sep 28, 2007
Hi. I am a single adult. My last relationship ended around 3 yrs ago.
I am no longer in a place where it's easy to meet new guys. As a result, the only guys I've met over the past few yrs have mostly been due to them just approaching me at random.
The thing is, I hate it having to happen that way. I have actually given a few a shot, but I never know how to deal with meeting people in this manner. Meaning when younger, you meet people in school, thru friends, etc; somewhere where you already know something about them first.

So a guy recently approached me at random. I gave the # to him, but don't know if I really want to talk to him. Just based on the fact that I don't know a thing about him. What if he is crazy? or a loser? or one of a million other thoughts that go thru my head.
I am naturally shy and have a hard time getting to know people to begin with; however, it is even harder when I am unsure if I even should or not.

So I guess the advice I am looking for is do you recommend I give it a shot, or just hold out for the chance I will meet someone somehow, someday in a better way? How does one determine if they should talk to someone if the meeting is at random?

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