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my boyfriend and i have known each other for 11 weeks we met through glasgow gumtree, at the moment im 30 weeks pregnant with another guys baby and my bf and i were friends for the first 2 months of our relationship we got along so well as friends we both realised that we were perfect for each other over time and i admitted my feelings for him in past relationships ive had a hard time getting close to bf's but with darren it just felt so great to hug and kiss and lie in bed with each other for ages, first relationship in years i felt was working but it appears that after 2 weeks of us being together i got really hormonal due to being due in like 10 weeks and i got really scared of what the baby would do to our relationship that i made a big deal for a week about silly things and everything was a bit straned for that week but i desperately tried to calm myself down as he told me i was scaring him etc so once i got myself back to normal and we decided to frget about the previous weeks problems and start a fresh i noticed that he isnt as loving and caring as he was before and he is always takin the piss outa me i just need to be shown that he cares im still as aring as i was before that week happened i still send him sweet texts and put my hand on his knee when he drivin and kiss and cuddle him loads but he doesnt reply to m sweet texts and defo doesnt send me any on his own accord and when i put my hand on his knee he doesnt touch it or hold it like he used to and i only really get kisses and cuddles off him when we are in bed together now i just want things to go back to the way they were before i went strange, he says he hasnt changed towards me at all but i can defo notice the changes its as if we only had a 2 week honeymoon period and now he feels that i should always know how he feels but im a girl we need to be told regularly well some of us do anyway!!!! i dont know how to sort this as he doesnt like talkin about "our relationship" he says that a relationship thats meant to be wont need talked about and if it does then its not meant to be!! what should i do?? really need advice!! im so stuck i really care about him and i think he could be the one!!

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