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I am very suspicious, and I have every right to be!

Why all of a sudden, out of the blue did she tell him this? I mean if you have any doubt, shouldn't it be taken care of when you're doubting, instead of waiting 3 years?

I would think she should have gotten the ex husband tested first, and THEN come to my boyfriend when that test came back negative.

I honestly feel like she wants something from him, wether it be geting him back.. or whatever.

My boyfriend broke up with her because he didn't know if she was sleeping with her ex husband while they were dating, and she says she wasn't sleeping with both of them at teh same time, but we will only find out with these test results!

I even put money towards the test.

I hope and pray and pray that this child is not his. It looks nothing like him.

Sorry for the long posts, but Im' so scared and confused.
You would think that he would take into consideration on how I feel about this, (not talking to her) but nope.

I don't hang out with any of my ex's, and I sure as hell don't go out of my way for them (i.e picking them up from school)

And he wont even let me meet her!!! Thats what kills me!! I have nothing to do with this!

He's always been the kind of guy to help people when they're down on their luck, or going through a bad situation, but this kid has had a father figure in her life, so it's not like she's missing out on a father. He doesn't even know any of this is going on!!!

Everything is fine between us, when we aren't talking about this situation, and yes he is very quick to defend her because "she is a nice person, and didn't do anything to him"

Uhm, HELLO? She just made you miss out on the first 3 years of this kids life if it is yours!

I will be just as much as a part of this child's life if it is his.

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