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It seems like I am always posting about the same problem---different guys---with me being the common denominator:( . I met a new guy---he seemed to be all into me at first. He texted me all throughout the day for a couple of weeks--and it was actually fun. We would kid around with each other and make each other laugh. He works long hours and doesn't get home till late, so I didn't mind that our main communication was via text messaging. Our first date he took me out to eat at a really nice restaurant that he had made reservations for. We had a good time, and a couple of days later he asked me to go to a sporting event with him that he had really good seats for---he also said that a few family and friends would be going as well. I was reluctant to go at first, because I was just getting to know him and didn't really want to meet family so soon, but said I would go.

Well, the day before the event he asked if I would mind going to the early church service with him at his church because we would all be riding together and leaving for the event after church was over. So I agreed to go. Well, no friends went---it ended up being only his immediate family---his parents, his older sister and her boyfriend, and his grandpa. They were a really sweet family, but I wasn't myself and didn't talk very much because I was around a group of strangers who were watching my every move for the whole day. I tried to at least smile a lot so they would think I was having a good time, but my date and I didn't talk very much at all. I felt a little awkward and out of place. That happened a week ago, and we have talked only a few times through text messages. He has definitely been acting distant and has not asked me to do anything else. I think it's over. I'm just aggrivated that one off day had to ruin things just as I was starting to like him. I feel like I can never get past a few dates with anyone. I'm tired of the same story time and time again, and I'm not sure if there is anything I can do to change it.

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