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[QUOTE=glamourgal;3256253]Another little update that kind of confuses me is that a set-up guy that I went to a concert with about a month or so ago contacted me out of the blue this week. He is acting completely different, calling more instead of texts, and we are going to do something tomorrow. I think he might have been seeing someone else when we first met, and now that is over---that's the only thing I can think of for him to contact me and act interested after several weeks of not hearing from him. I posted about him "tired of wimpy guys", but he is not acting wimpy now---it's like his whole personality is different. I hate dating by the way---hehe---it's just too confusing! I want to know what guys are REALLY thinking.[/QUOTE]
well GG, sounds like you were his "backup plan" unfortunately. now that his other options didn't pan out he's focusing on you. or it could be that he was frustrated before with the whole dating "game" as you are and now he's just less frustrated.

dating is confusing because inevitably you try to analyze everything the other person says and does and you can't ever know what's happening unless you know for sure. i can't stand dating either. the thought of going on a "coffee date" at this point just irks me. there's so much i'd rather be doing than wasting my time with flakers. the more i think about it (which is waaayy too much as it is), i really don't even know what a relationship would even add to my life at this point anyways. i'm happy and content with many things right now.

here's what guys are REALLY thinking: we're thinking the exact same thing you are and we want the same things you do. we want someone who's genuinely interested in us to the point its so obvious we don't have to spend time analyzing their every move. its just as frustrating for us too. we want women that do what they say they'll do, returns calls, doesn't cancel plans, not send mixed signals, etc. its not that difficult. it all comes down to how much they like you. if they genuinely like you, there won't be any of the frustrating games. what we refer to as games seem to be the only way to "let someone down without hurting their feelings".
[QUOTE=glamourgal;3259643]He wanted to do something this coming weekend, but I already had plans, so we probably won't. I hope you've been doing well---i'm in agreement with you that I am really tired of analyzing---i'm going to try to stop, and just go with the flow instead. Otherwise I get way too frustrated and put too much pressure on myself--therefor I end up acting funny and it turns people away.[/QUOTE]
hi GG, i'm doing fine.. girls and your "plans" aargghh!! there's this girl in my dance class i've asked out about a million times now (actually just twice, :D ) to go dancing to practice what we're learning but every time she has plans. do you women ever NOT have plans?? what's a guy to do. anyway i'm sure how much i like her or whether she'll flake. after all what's going to make her different from the rest?

FYI, i personally like when a women gives me something definitive. if you have plans, i like you to give me an alternative time frame when we can do something (and you actually remember, :D ) so that i can get on with my life instead of just calling repeatedly. if you gals keep having plans we'll think you're blowing us off (over analyzing, remember..:jester: ).

well anyway, sounds like this guy is interested in you so i don't think any more over analyzing is necessary. since he has acted "wimpy" before, i think you should reassure him that you are interested by doing what i suggested above or the "wimpyness" might return.

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