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[QUOTE=n*l;3239452]First of all, let me just say how glad I am I found these boards! There's something great about people helping and supporting others, even if it's anonymous. :)

I'll try to not make my story too long....Every summer I leave home for at least two months to work. This past June, I was working in a small town, and I ended up meeting someone pretty much by chance - I sort of stumbled upon him, or more like he stumbled upon me. Soon after we met he came to where I worked and asked me out. Initially, my impression of him wasn't much - he seemed nice enough, but I wasn't instantly attracted.

Now, there's a few things I should mention before the dates: I am 19 and had only ever been on [I]one[/I] date before. I had never had a boyfriend, never really been asked out, or even been kissed. I was homeschooled up until college, and I realize now that I spent about 7 years chronically depressed and trying to hide that fact from my family. I never really got a chance to just be young, and stupid, and get out there and meet people and make mistakes and learn from them.

Needless to say, I went out with him. I figured I had nothing to lose. First dinner and a movie, then talking for hours, then a movie at his house, then he was coming to my work pretty much everyday after my shift and we would just hang out. I'm not a very romantic girl - flowers and candy and holding hands don't really work for me. I don't know how he knew that though, because he never pulled any of those stunts. We would just hang out, go out to eat, talk, and within a couple of weeks I felt like I had always known him. After that, I can't believe how fast things went. We went from dinner and a movie to really being friends, then getting more intimate physically, and then all of the sudden I was meeting his best friend, and he was making steaks at his house and I was having dinner with him and his mom. I had never been treated so wonderfully in my life.

I really think everything would have been perfect if it hadn't been for my 22 year old sister, and to some extent my parents. My sister is my best friend. I would do anything for her, and would only want her to be happy, and I really don't think she even tried to do that for me. As soon as I started seeing my guy regularly, she completely closed up and started treating me (and him) like crap. I would've been more hurt and maybe even scared of her but for the fact that I really was [I]happy[/I] for the first time I could remember. I guess you would have to know her to understand her character. You would have to know that she's incredibly sensitive, and stubborn, that she's never been in a relationship, and that she's never apologized to me for anything in her life. But I don't think any of that justifies the way she treated me. I don't know if it was jealousy, or possesiveness, or being over-protective. I had long, long talks with her (with me doing most of the talking), and I told her she was not second-rate company, I told her she was wonderful, I told her I loved her. She never said anything back. I'm used to it, and I won't expect much anymore. I try to look at it objectively, and see it her way, but I still don't understand.

Near the end of the summer, my guy asked me if I would go on a short trip with him to the city where he goes to school to pick up some things he needed. I did debate it for a bit, and I asked my aunt and her daughter about it, and they were both so supportive and told me to go and have fun. I was stupid to think it would be that easy, really. I told my parents about it in an e-mail without asking "for permission"...I thought 19 years of being responsible would mean something. I don't know what my sister may have said to them over the phone, but they called me right away and told me to turn around and go back. They said some things to me that I will never, ever forget. I was pretty shocked, but my guy was so calm about everything - we turned around, we came back, and he was so great about it.

Before I knew it, the summer was over. I had to go back home. Nothing really concrete was agreed between us - we said we'd see each other soon, whenever that would be. Since I've been back, we've been talking online (with the talk function on messengers, so it's like a phone conversation)pretty much every other day, sending messages, etc. It's so nice to have someone to talk to, someone who can make me laugh. It's definately not the same not having him with's hard to think that I probably won't see him for a couple of more months, and if I do see him at Christmas break, it won't be for very long at all. I know everyone's situation is different, but if anyone has any experience and advice on making a long-distance relationship work, or how to deal with family, or anything, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you if you've read my whole rant. :)[/QUOTE]

Wow, thats kind of like mine and my ex girlfriend, we stumbled into a relationship at a young age she was 17- i was 20, our problem was communicating couldnt do it and show any emotions and it was tough on her, we met when i was down there at college, west virginia, me boston, So we were both young, and we fell into a comfort trap, and went with it, it sucked leaving her for the summers, even christmas break i graduated a year before her, and i found my way down to see her 4 times, it sucked not seing her and talking for 5 mins on the phone, we because we couldnt communicate and it sucked. she never knew how i was feeling, we would think and do the same **** but never communicate, we got engaged after 6 years and being engaged, she broke it off just like that, all over communication, if your communicatin skills are fine, and the feeling is there, anything can happen, to say long distance will never work, i cant really say that, its what both people make of it,

look at some of my posted threads my ex relationship is a mess

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