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The fact that you are still obsessing over this proves to me that you still don't trust him. Yes you may have forgiven him..but you don't fully trust him and I can't blame you. Okay so maybe he isn't using the computer at home to do his dirty work. He could be in these chat rooms on his computer at work or someone elses. Or maybe he really isn't IMing this wild girl anymore..but actually seeing her. I'm sure you have your doubts/reasons for obsessing over this.

Like one post said...his excuse for not sleeping with the girl was because she didn't show up. So how do you know if he didn't show up at her house some time later!! For all you know he could still be seeing this girl for wild times. You moving in wasn't going to stop him from cheating if that is where his heart was/is. Yes he may be treating you wonderful...but he has been doing this all along even before you moved in while he was cheating. And the fact that he doesn't want to talk about your insecurities and wants to put this all behind him tells me that he just doesn't want to face the guilt that he may actually still be cheating.

I'm sorry I put more doubt in your head and I'm sure that leaving him wouln't be easy since you have a baby together and your oldest daughter is stable in school...but you shouldn't continue to bury your head in the sand and make it seem like a fairytale where everyone lives happily ever after. Of course time will tell..but my gut tells me that in the back of your mind that you believe that he might still be cheating...but you might be in denial. Otherwise..why would you have written this post!!! Right???

Good Luck!t

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