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ok, me and my boyfriend have been together for about 6 months, we are moving into an apartment in november. i love him, more that i can put into words. and i know he loves me, but he is constantly going through my phone (i have nothing to hide), hes always checking my ******* (nothing to hide), and if he calls me at work and i dont answer because i am buisy he freaks out and thinks im cheating. hes always calling me nasty names and telling me im worthless and he hates me and that he doesnt know why he wastes his time. but he has been like that since day one, but recently he has gotten worse, we went on vacation with some friends and family and he slapped me in the face in front of everyone. hes starting to grab me and twist my arms and i dont know what to do, after he does these things and i cry, he laughs and says "that didnt hurt" and he will give me a hug and kiss. and then for the next few days hes super nice, then it starts all over. i dont want to leave him, thats not even an option. i just want to know what i should say to him. :(

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