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(if you haven't read my board, I'm in the same situation. Go to "Love Sick" and you'll see)

Anyway, here is my 2 cents, and what I rationalized happened to me, and probably to you.
We married young and pregnant, that we know. We tried to make it work. I don't know about you but I kept telling myself over and over that this is how marriage is and I need to deal with it. I kept counting to myself my husband's good qualities (he is good with the kids, he helps me around the house, etc) and I just sat tight. Loveless but conforming to the reality I was in.
Then, one day I realize that my heart could still beat a hundred times in a second, that I still could feel butterflies in my stomach.... the only problem is that all those awesome feelings came directed to someone other than my husband.
For years I ignored the problem, but knowing how I could feel just changed the whole thing.
If it wasn't this other man in my life, or in yours, I guess we could have probably stick to the uhappy marriage. But the feelings I have now are so awesome I just can't go back to living without them anymore.

My problem now is... how do I do this?

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