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I posted a few weeks ago about whether I should leave my boyfriend or not. My post was called 'to stay or not to stay'.

I moved out Monday with the help of my mom and a friend. He didnt know. I wasnt sure he'd be mature enough to handle it fine if I had told him first. I felt I had no choice. He's pushed me kinda before, and kinda gets angry a lot.

I had been thinking of moving out for a year. Anyway, everyone sided with me and said how confident I was in my decision. Of course, I was too... until I went back to see talk to him the next day. Actually I went over that night when he found out. He was so upset and crying, he ended up throwing up all night. :-( And I was worried about him so i rushed over.

We talked for many many hours. He said he'd change, try harder, etc. Now i"ve had enough people tell me thats to lure me back, and that he will be nice for a while then go back to old ways. I dont know. I kind of feel I scared him enough, he might not go back to being a meanie. LOL.

If he treated me better there's no doubt I'd still be with him. I love him. I told him i'm not sure how 'in love' with him I am because our relationship has gotten crappy over the past few months.

I do believe in giving second chances, he always tells me I have a big heart. I guess I do. Its not like someone cheated, or hit someone. You dont throw away something that is broke, you try to fix it first. I suppose in the past I have mentioned things that bother me, but he only half *****ed fixed it.

The only thing is that I told him I need some space for a while, and that we can still see each other during that time. Thats unacceptable to him. He said he couldnt handle 'dating' again. (we've lived together for 2 years) and its all or nothing. I move back or we're done. I understand he's scared. Me too.

I dont know if I should give it a chance. Move back in?

My gut kinda says no, but my head, and heart, say yes.

and I got two dozen roses at work today. No chance to try to persuade me, but nice gesture anyway.

I feel bad cause i kinda told him I would move back in this weekend. I did that so he would stop crying :-( I dont know, I used to want to marry him. Maybe if we work hard, I can again.

Advice, please!!!

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