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I think it is very possible to stay friends with an ex. When I broke up with my ex I was in the middle of a bad depression. If he had not been in my life I don't know what I would have done. He was the only person who I could really talk to and just "be" with without having to "be" anything else. Please note as I look back I think part of my depression was the fact I was in a relationship with someone I would have been better off just being friends with, but that's another story.

It was easy for me to stay friends with him because I had no sexual desire for him. Things changed after I came out of my depression.

Now, almost 2 years later (after I started seeing someone) - he is going through a very very hard time. He had to cut off all contact with me and detach because he says deep down he thought we would get back together (but he didn't realize it until he "lost" me). Now this was news to me. He was the one who was always saying it wouldn't work, etc, etc.

He has worked out some of the issues and we are starting to talk again. Of course things are different -- but they should be -- we are both different.

He was my best friend and I could talk to him about anything and vice versa. Sometimes I wonder if this was a good thing. I think too much information can be a hinder to sexual intimacy. I don't want to have to "take care of someone else's feelings." But that's another story.

Good Luck Sweetie. Take it day by day and don't drive yourself crazy if you keep changing your mind. If you listen to your gut it will lead you in the right direction, but it doesn't usually happen on our time, only the universe's time.


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