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[QUOTE=Amanda777;3259483]Well here's the problem, I've been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years and I don't know what to make of it, he's a great guy, loves kids, wants to marry me, sometimes buy's me things when he has money everyone love him....all except my parents, and some of my friends...but I'll get to that. Well the story goes I am a busy girl, many of which my friends say I am too busy to have a relationship, right now I am a teacher in Japan and am now he' living with me, we argued for a bit but are starting to get along now just to give you my situation now. Now for the past info. My boyfriend has never finished college, as smart as he is and is now debating weather to finish or not with a SEMESTER left, which is horrible in my eyes but I have hope he will(which is prob. pathetic) he doesn't know what he wants to do in his life and is holding himself back. He's not the romantic type of person to write me poetry or lyrics to a song, he's never given me a birthday gift or even want to spoil me because I've had a bad day, we usually just end up arguing because I ask him to help me out...we ALWAYS watch the shows that he wants to watch and when I want to watch some sappy show he ALAWAYS falls asleep or says my choices are friends say to leave him, but I can't I even paied for him to come here to japan to be with me for 3 months which put me back 800 bucks but i thought it would be worth it, and some of it is...Sex is not what it used to be, and I don't want to but sometimes feel depressed when I see him, becase I know he just won't do anything to please me...I cling on the idea that he's gonna marry me which we have already discussed and after I finish this program may...but I think my standards are to high, I am an only child and am not afraid to say I am spoiled, I want the big wedding, the Tffany's ring and the other 9 yards, but if I mention I want a Tiffany's ring he just say's no. We used to have horrible arguments usually with me hitting him becuase I'm so repressed, due to the fact he won't listen to me. Yet the times that we get along, we get along, we fought so hard for this relationship in the long run, and know we go well with each other, my path is seperate from his as my goal in life is to be ambassodor to Japan someday, and he still doesn't know what to do....I guess after writing this I still feel confused, he's really a GRAET guy, but am I just clinging on to something thats long gone? or is there a chance that this relationship can be saved...thank you :(:( :confused: :confused:[/QUOTE]

Wow, that sounds alot like my ex girlfriend, read some of my threads on here, makes you wonder, we dated 6 years and got engaged, her parents liked me alot, her mother was a drunk, and very moody i lived with them for a few months and was there every weekend for college, She is very moody and a drunk, and has issues, but has treated me well like i said, Natasha has told me, she cant approach her mother she wants none of it, for support, the father is a very laid back guy, but doesnt make Natasha feel comfortable to talk to during rough times, the father likes me, we golfed, skiied' i was like a son in law to him, but He doesnt support Natasha, and she has to talk to her friends, parents for help i didnt see it till after broke up .. Her few friend she has , she has 1 good friend, who always wants the attention she is overweight and obnoxious, i can put up with her, but it seems like when ever Natasha and I are in a bind, she seems to find her way into it, and it sucks, because Natasha father says i wish she wasnt my daughters friend, and Natasha friend even interfered with her relationship before me, and Natasha knows it but doesnt know how to handle the situation i think, she says she doesnt want to hurt or friends or me, but seems like im getting hurt, during bad times, NATASHA, doesnt handle pressure very well, and with us no communication its tough to approach, One day she said she wanted to ended it, and that was it, i dont know if she is confused or not, alot of people seem to think its over on here, some dont, Natasha would always defend her friends but never seemed like she would defend me, but i was never around to know, Natasha says they dont say bad things about me, but i did see an email her friend Sent Natasha, my buddy was mad at me one day and joked and sent NATAsha an email saying it would be in your best interest to break up with eric, So next thing you know Natasha friend is sending tasha a letter saying what was eric's friend saying about breaking up with you, and then she puts where was ''he 6 years ago'' you see what i mean So it sucks, NATASHA as cut me off every which way, and i dont know if she is confused or not, she has told people she wants to end it for good, but then there are open doors, maybe just in my eyes, and she doesnt want to hurt anybody, she is shy, doesnt drink much, very nice, and even goes to church, but she has nnooo support from anybody and its soo tough on her.

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