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Help please!
Oct 16, 2007
[SIZE="4"][/SIZE] Hello everyone! :) I haven't been to the "healthboards" in quite sometime...But feel I need some urgent help. Okay well I've been in my current relationship with my boyfriend joe for about 9 months... We've been living together for about 8 of those 9 months...Our initial attraction for one another was extremely intense... ---Don't think I'll ever act on that one again! I'm 20 and he's 25... He has a daughter with his ex- "Megan" the daughter is 2... He and Megan weren't married although they were engaged Joe was in the military and had to travel quite a bit and well she ended up cheating on him and getting pregnant...Joe found out and was completely crushed. He lost all trust for her...and to say the least ended that. Megan lives in another state...and hasn't given up on the idea that maybe she and joe can reconcile...They had been together for about 6 years... and have their daughter together. I came into this relationship open minded. And am still trying to be optimistic. Long story short- Joe and I have been fighting quite a bit. I know he is under a lot of stress..He misses his daughter... Megan says her and her daughter are a "package" and he can't have one without the other. He has been working on finding a lawyer...Although we are extremely broke...Both in college...Umm He was able to see his daughter once in the past year...Megan flew up from the state they live in...and he ended up having sex with her 3 times (this was about 6 months into our relationship)- He did come clean with me- I didn't suspect that of him only because he had been hurt in the past... It's been hard for me to "let go" or "forget" about that. Now Megan says she's coming up for Thanksgiving... Hmmm I'm stressing about the whole situation. She hates me (i'm not exactly in a position where she should "like" me) She isn't exactly mentally stable... <---Who is? But really she's been having an extremely hard time with the break up (harrassing me...Joe...Trying to come between us anyway she can) Lately on top of that Joe and I have been fighting...When we're around one another it's constant bickering. We were "raised" very differently. Have different standards...Ect... He isn't exactly thrilled with my "house cleaning" skills...I mean he cleans too..But sometimes I can be messy. Not picking up after myself right away ect... Which frustrates him. We have different goals in life...Different standards...Different religious beliefs... Basically he and I are completely different. He doesn't believe in a lot of things I was raised with. For instance I was raised to be extremely accepting of other people even if they're different and he on the other hand wasn't. He is very set in his ways. It's getting to the point where I actually resent him. I can't stand him most of the time. Our sex life is already going downhill...I've already sacrificed a lot for this relatioship. Although Joe feels he is the only one sacrificing. We really just don't see eye to eye...We've tried sitting down and discussing this. I'm not sure exactly where this would or should go from here. I love him. I can't stand to see this relationship fail..>In the beginning it seemed like there was so much that could go well for us. I'm not sure if it's worth struggling for?? Anyone have a spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend who is completely opposite from them???? Anyone else have exs with children... I've never been in a situation like this...and can't quite see how this is all going to work. :( I've tried to find relationship help....Should i look into counseling? Ahh! Any advice would be wonderful. I really do love this man... And i know he loves me as well...We are just sooooo frustrated with our current circumstances and just can't seem to get along. HELP!
PS lol i know that was just all over the place... It's just been building up soo long! Thanks to anyone who tries to decipher this!

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