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[QUOTE=Kylee06;3263363]I am extremely hurting deep down at this moment. I just don't know how to deal with the fact that my partner just don't want anything to do with me. He tells me that he loves me more than anything in this world. Why can't I believe him???? I think it is more of he doesn't show it. I feel it is all talk has some of the guys do that just to keep you around???? I am really needing to feel loved, wanted but he is just not showing me anything. He goes to work comes home but most of the time not directly in the house just around where we live. then comes home late at night and then falls asleep. I feel that I am so boring to him and he doesn't want to be around me. He always says he is trying to make everybody happy. As some of you are aware of some of my earlier posts well we still don't make love it is more just sex to me because when he does do it with me he always talks about having another person involved. How can any man possibly love the woman they are with if they want another person involved. I am not willing to do that. I feel that is why he is not interested in me what so ever. I noticed he masterbates often when I am not around and he doesn't even hold me like he used to at all. no touching or hardly kissing and huggin.

I love him dearly but he just doesn't know how to have a relationship he says.
he told me the other day the reasons why he married his 2 x wives. 1st was his daughter 2 was just for easy piece of ***. I asked him what was he thinking when he want to date again just before he meet me He couldn't answer that one. and when I asked him if he was wanting a relationship when he met me he said he didn't know what he was wanting and next thing I noticed he was asleep snoring!!!!!! I got up and was so upset & hurt..
I have noticed a few other things that is going on but can't really get into talking about that just yet.[/QUOTE]

Hey, that kind of sounds like my situation i dated my girlfriend for 6 years, and we had a problem communicating, in fact, i never ever showed any emotions of feelings towards her and i think she realized that i didnt love her, when i truly do or did love her. Without communication it was very tough, i made her my life, but she could never see it i guess, i mean i wasnt the perfect boyfriend, but i made her my life, like i said, but with me showing no feelings or emotions it was tough on her, and she started to realize it late after the break up, So its very tough, we would always feel and think the same thing but never show it , it was very weird, and it sucks, because if she only knew, i always told her if she could take my heart out, and feel what im thinking she would always melt, but i couldnt show it, and its tough now with us not having contact and living far away..I would always lay with her at night, call everyday see how her day was going, i mean all i told her was i just wanted to be around her, and i guess she never saw these things, and it was tough, we were engaged and together 6 years, for it too all come to an end because of communication, no drugs or cheating, or alcohol, none of that its pretty sad, but i know i have problems showing my emotions and feelings.

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