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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Hi Sunny. You helped me the other day with your post, so now I'm going to just share with you.....don't know if it will help any, but I know about not feeling that 'certain feeling' you felt with someone else. I went out today with 'new guy' know, the one who's been sort of waiting in the wings for me while I kept going back to my ex. He first took me to the office of some friends of his 'to show me off '.......he's "proud of me" and I like that (my ex just wanted us to be "you and me"......then we went to lunch, to visit a replica of the Columbus ship the Niņa that's docked here, and sat in the grass in the park and talked. What (or WHO) was on my mind the whole time? MY EX!! I MISS him SO much. We had SO much fun together. But, the new guy is very nice (a bit rough around the edges), he's cute as a button, has so many great on and so on. But he's NOT my EX.

So.....I DO know what you mean about sparks. I miss seeing my ex's eyes light up when he saw me, I loved that he'd give me a VERY good kiss the very first thing, I loved that we'd dance to lovely music in his kitchen (or my place), I loved that he'd sing to me all the time........SO many things I miss.

But.....I HAVE to move on...and so do you. It's very hard. We want the butterflies, the sparks, that special chemistry (even if we know it's really not the right person for us).......we miss ALL this stuff. I felt SO beautiful around my ex. But, I know the 'new guy' does love me.....I just don't feel much yet. I'm ashamed to say I even called him a while ago and told him a lie to keep from going out with him tonight (and I hate lies).....I just didn't want to hurt him by saying "I just don't want to go" I made up something I had to do with my granddaughter (blush!).

I think what you and I (and probably MANY others) have to do is just go through the motions, try to have a good time (I did a good job of 'having a good time' today) and just wait until we REALLY ARE having a good time. I think in time we will forget those we had the butterflies and sparks with and HEY.....who may come slowly with the new guys.

I always remember the movie I saw and the book I read called "Loves Comes Softly" by Janette Oke. This girl HATED the man she had to marry after her husband was killed on the prairie and had to marry a man for convenience sake. After spending time with him over a long period, she finally discovered she was in love with him. So, maybe you and I both need to let "love come softly" this time around and maybe we will be totally fooled and it can finally be the real thing.

I hope this may have helped just a little......because I'm also trying to help myself at the same time. I just SOOOO want to NOT have these feelings for my ex and give this new guy a you go and do the same thing. Okay? The best to you.
Godfreygirl[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] :)

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