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First of all, thank you for your responses!

Matter of time,how ironic to have your daughter playing with an Ex's daughter! I don't think I would have had a problem telling my husband about that either.

Happymom, I wish it were that simple if it were an old girlfriend of mine. However,the skeleton in my closet that I mentioned earlier,is just that. This guy was not just an old boyfriend. I don't talk about this much, because it was a past that I wish I could erase from my life. You see, I was married before my husband now, and my marriage back then lacked dishonesty, trust,blahblahblah. It started out with me not trusting my Ex, thinking that he was always gone and there were lies that I caught him in. Well, unintentionally, I ended up having an affair with my boss whom was also married :( . He gave me the attention that I didn't get from my Ex and the adreniline rush and excitement was so sooo intense, I actually thrived on it for a moment. Deep down I was sinking fast from the guilt where it was starting to get the best of me. I tried ending it with him and he would beg me to keep it up. I never loved him. I actually loved and wanted to be loved by my husband. To make a long story as short as possible,I became in a depressing state, for I could not forgive myself for what I have done. It took a long time and alot of soul searching to get out of my rut. We have both devorced because of this. I am now re-married with a great husband who loves me,I have 2 children with him and he is a great father. I could'nt be more blessed. My husband now, is a family man. I have always felt I could trust him. The guy that called me, he has told me that his life is in shambles. He re-married and his wife left him about a year ago. Actually, around that time, I did run into him at a store. I was with my kids. I had'nt seen him in years and he looked bad. Anyway, he said to me that right after he seen me at the store, he had a stroke and almost died. They had to give him a trachiotemy and he is paralized on his left side. In shock that I am even speaking to him on the phone, I jokingly said, "I did'nt realize that I had such an effect on you". My bad?:D I let him say a few things and told him to never call me again. I was sorry that he is having trouble in life, but he needs to try to find some peace within himself as I did.

So, there is my story. Now that you know this, does anyone retract there opinion as to what they would do? I must tell you that when I met my now husband, I was up front with him about me initiating an affair, but told him that there was no reason to ever have to tell him details, for it was before his time. We never talked about again, and I never even want to go there. This is why I froze. If it were just some ole flame that I had, I guess it would have been different.

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