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My goodness, you are so smart, sweet and a gem. It is hard to come by someone like you in this very cruel world. You are so very right. I have to learn that noone is without fault. It is silly (although human of me) of me to seek revenge and wish bad thoughts. I just don't like what he did or how he went about it and this is the first time in my life that something like this has happened and a person that I really thought was decent, sort of turned their back and flicked me off like I was worthless and useless. I hope he realizes in the end that although I am not perfect, by today's standards I am good, kind decent and caring. I hope he knows that. I just want him to realize what he has done to a good decent human being. He has a Mom, sister and niece that he adores, he should realize that someday somebody can do this to one of them......then what? Will he have the balls to tell them he was an emotionless pig too..........? I wonder about people, however I should focus my energy on something better, you are so right.

A guy I met 2 weeks ago that I graduated elementary school called me last night. We talked for about an hour and a half. I wonder....I am not sure if he is interested or just catching up. He is cute, and he is the same age as me...thank goodness and he is not married, never has been. Turns out our mom's know each other...odd eh. I just don't feel the dating thing right now...not with my ex, not with this new guy, not with the player that I just got entangled with. I was alone for almost 2 years........I didn't have a boyfriend and I probably should have remained that way. It would have been easier...than this.

Thank you for your kind words of wisdom, I will try to remember that I am a lady an I have my dignity for sure. I just don't know why he walked by me today and didn't give me 60 seconds of his time? I didn't do anything that awful.....

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