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Thank you all. I don't really like him right now....I am honest and decent and I must learn that not everyone is. I think he played me. I even said to him thta B's get further and he nodded like "well yeah maybe". So I am going to rearrange my schedule now and leave about 15-20 mins. later or earlier just not to bump into him. I think that is best. I don't like him now, but I have to tell you that he should have been upfront and Friendof is right...I should have asked. I actually did ask him last Thursday when I bumped into him......if someone all of a sudden gets a stomach and has to leave and can't confront someone....they are not honest.....and that is telling me their intentions were never good from the get go. I put him up against a wall and he couldn't handle it. Didn't want to be seen with me.....I am not bad looking at all.......he was staring at my legs this morning....yes, I have a very good figure, very.......I am not ugly why is he checking me out! Go ogle others as you've done in front of me often. I find that he may have liked me in the beginning but in the real world, you can't like everything about must take the good with the bad......if the good outweighs all the bad then that is it. Everyone is human....I make and I made a mistake with this. I Think I am more angry at myself for not seeing it all and letting things go by......................This must be his game as his last girlfriend 3 years ago.....stayed out all night, drank and hung out with her ex boyfriend that made an idiot out of her for many years. He threw her out. He told me that...he packed up her stuff and threw her out.....packed her car up. He has no regrets. he said he saw her in a bar and didn't even look at her. Why? He even changed his number so that she got the message. He didn't want to deal with her or what she did? Did she cheat? AhA doesn't want a dose of his own medicine! I am going to just disappear from this for the next week.........I will go to dinner/drinks/whatever with my ex and see my friends but I will still think about this.....I have to it is my nature. As days go by and then weeks I will feel better hopefully.

I just want an ounce of satisfaction. See.....I didn't speka to my ex for 4 he is up my butt. I guess that says it all....

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