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happymom, thanks for the advice. I think what I am going to do tonight is sit Jim down and tell him that I spoke to Angie today, and that she denies having the conversations with him at all about stopping the emotional affair. I'm going to record the conversation w/o him knowing and see what he says. If he tries to turn it around and say that I misunderstood him, I will call him on that too. My son heard us talking. Also, I didn't even remember it, but he told my friend (the one who is getting a divorce) Saturday, when she came to say goodbye to us, that he was having an emotional affair with Angie, and my friend told him to be careful with the situation, that angie may turn on him if he rejects her. I completely forgot about this conversation until my friend called me earlier and I told her about me talking to Angie and her not knowing anything and possibly thinking that I was lying, and my friend said, But, he told me about it to, remember? And I was like Oh yeah, you're right. Should I do this? I'm afraid that angie has already talked to Jim today and he may just come home and kick my *** out for costing him his job. I'm stressing big time!

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