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My girlfriend and I have been dating for about 4 months. The fist weeks were awesome we were very intimate and close, on the phone all the time texting constantly. We would just hang out together all day and do nothing. Perfect...for the last 3 weeks itís been distant. Sheís got school during the day. I work, she cheers on Friday nights and after school Mondays and Thursdays till 6. but we never hang out during the week any more she say she want to hang with her friends but she never ask if I want to hang out with them. Iíve talked to her about this lack of time together but she tells me Iím suffocating her. I donít want to suffocate her. I do want some more of her time. We only see each other on Saturdays now and we have to be doing something. She says she still wants to be my girlfriend but thereís so much distance between us. Our phone conversations are short and pointless now... I donít know how to adjust to this it seems off to me but Iím new to relationships. Is this how a relationship levels out or what. Iím paranoid. I donít know how to act. Is it me? Is it her. Is there a problem or is it just my insecurities. Can someone help me? :confused:

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