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[QUOTE=Jason27;3279004]To be honest I find clubs to be boring. I do not like going to criminal filled clubs while simultaneously inhaling second hand smoke from every brand of cigarette and illegal drugs that stink up your clothes for a week. The loud music will have your ears ringing loudly until you go to sleep. Dancing back and forth for hours gets boring while people are fighting, throwing bottles, and eventually shooting. Even if it wasn't for those bad things, I still do not see why females love to "shake their booty" in the club Thursday - Sunday. This may sound dorky but I have fun by learning new things and visiting new places. It is hard to find an attractive female like that. I used to be a full time model so females usually say that I am very hot and they are surprised that I am single. I am single because the idiot scene is no longer for me and it seems like that is all everyone wants to do is go out and get in trouble.[/QUOTE]

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]In the UK since the smoking ban night clubs do not permit smoking. You can always find somebody to sell you narcotics if you're looking for them but it's by no means in your face since the police don't turn a blind eye to drug dealing. Some clubs have a reputation for violence but they're obviously the kind of establishments that one tends to avoid.

Now, when it comes to the music, if you don't appreciate dance music now then you probably never will; most people either love it or feel indifferent towards it. I personally relish the chance to completely forget my concerns and let the music wash over me.

What I will say is that, in my experience, the chances of finding girlfriend material in a night club are very slim. Most of the girls with whom I go clubbing are already in relationships; they just go for the music. Single girls tend to be unfriendly in that environment or dangerously wasted.[/COLOR][/FONT]

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