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I've been dating this girl i've known for 19 years for the past 2 months. She is an amazing girl and everything i've ever wanted in a woman. Im very attracted to her there is passion between us.

The problem is sometimes I have these feelings of "just friends". Im not sure why, it may be because i've grown up with her and have known her all of my life.

I'm completely honest with her and have told her that I have these unsure feelings and she wants to stick with me and see where it leads us.

I wish I could decide one way or the other so that it doesnt prolong something that isnt going to work out. How do you know if someone is just a friend or if you feel "girlfriend" feelings for them?

Im very confused, HELP!!
[QUOTE][/QUOTE] How do you know if someone is just a friend or if you feel "girlfriend" feelings for them?

Im very confused, HELP!![/QUOTE]

Hi Rider

Are you attracted to her? Now that you are "dating", I'm assuming that you kiss her, hold her hand etc... How do you feel when this happens? Have you always looked at her in the past, as you would want to be with her some day? If you are feeling awkward with her and your heart hasn't at least skipped a beat, then I'm not sure this situation is going any where. You can't force love. When it happens, you look forward to seeing that person again and spending more time with them. Your mind continiously is thinking about that person. I know that you have known her for a long time, which makes things a little more confusing. Who innitiated the dating? Help us to help you by answering some of these questions.
Yes i'm attracted to her, shes is really beautiful.

When I kiss her results are mixed. Sometimes It feels awesome, and sometimes I feel nothing, just like im kissing her for fun. It's the same with holding her hand. Sometimes it feels great, and sometimes im unsure.

I havn't looked at her much in the past because of the fact that she has always been with someone, or has been to young for me, but now that we're both in college its different.

I only feel awkward sometimes with her, other times she takes away that awkwardness and I love being with her. The heart skipping a beat sensation has happened multiple times, it just doesnt happen all the time.

When I close my eyes I can picture myself with her for a long long time, I can even see myself married to her.

I initiated the dating. But a lot of the time I have this confused feeling. I feel like im dating a friend. Which I suppose isnt a bad thing. We have great companionship.

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