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:( Now mind you, Im a 40 year old woman married w/kids. My girlfriend is about 45 and she has kids also. Weve been friends about 10 yrs, pregnant same time, our kids would have play dates and so on. But I also have OTHER friends with kids and every blue moon, i get together with them and their children. Anyway, whenever in talking i would mention my daughter was spending the night or playing with another little girl I could sense tension on her side. So the other night i went to a halloween party with a different friend and kids. So today the girl finally confesses saying how i never make plans with her kids and i dont do enough to get them together or say enough to whatever. We would always mention, "we have to get the kids together" but life goes on and neither one of us actually made the time so when she hears that i have plans with someone else, she gets so jealous. And let me tell you, she has 4 kids, always taking them volleyball, soccer, ballet, etc. All she tells me is how busy she is every day going here there here there and everywhere. I know this is a stupid post, but its just irritating me. Im feeling bad about myself like i did something wrong or not enough. I also made plans with another woman because the other woman asked for my help in her working out--- its like Im afraid to say Im hanging out with someone because she will get so jealous. sorry for long boring post, my adrenaline is going because im so aggravated!!! Should i feel bad?

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