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well, not really used, and the sex for me was not good. HOnestly.....he was not what i thought he would be. He came across as this nice guy....really caring to his family, friends. Genuinely nice guy. He was rough to the touch and kind of selfish. I think...

look I haven't been with many guys...but if you tell someone you're hurting me. Do they just keep going at it. Look......we talked about it and it was only 1 time and I thin the first time when 2 people are can be don't know each other that well. However, even the kissing didn't really do it for me....

He shaves his chest? Does anyone do that? That gets stubbly and hurtss too. His face is like that too...he is lazy.

I don't think he used me...we were getting to know each other and we were pleaseant company to each other. Never forward...It took him a month to kiss me. However.................what he exhibited as the person inside in the end...was not the honest decent person I thought he was. He should have just been upfront and said this isn't working. I gave him every single opportunity to do that.....and he never said he didn't want it. He said things like...why would I say that if it isn't what I really want. once it is out I can't take it back....or i'm trying to adjust, I haven't had to deal with this in a long time (meaning a woman....moods, ups downs PMS, etc.). I playfully at one point put my fingertips on each cheek and went (smack (or tap) smack smack) and he got mad and siad I smacked him in the face!!!!! All these excuses. Why didn't he just say look, you really arent' doing it for me. My respect for him would have been a lot different than the taste he left me with. I am not perfect anyw ay....but by today's standards I am a lot better than most...grounded, good job, together, clean, etc. I was friends with him first...for months....before anything. He even said we are friends and that means a lot. Are all these things lines of BS????? Thta is what I am left with. I could never be with him again...I would question everything which is a no no........however, the truth would have been nice. Even if he would have come out and said...look, I can't do relationships so let me give the opportunity to walk if casual or hanging out is not for you. I have been nothing more than honest with him,.....right up until yesterday morning when he was sneaking through the basement door. What kind of an idiot does tht?

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