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[QUOTE=Nicole27;3286573]This chick is a MAJORLY irresponsible, attention seeking, immature little girl.[/QUOTE]

My thoughts exactly!

[QUOTE=Nicole27;3286573]She didn't get attention from your friend so she moved onto you. What don't you get about this situation? She wants attention. And her "friends" called her psycho. I would NEVER call any of my friends psycho behind their backs or let alone be friends with some girl as dumb as the one you like.[/QUOTE]

I can't even tell you how many girls I knew like this when I was in college. :rolleyes: It [I]is [/I]pathetic! All she wants is attention because she is insecure. That's why she tried to get that other guy's attention again when she felt you turned her down. Trust me, this girl doesn't know the first thing about being in a relationship because she will continue to gravitate towards the guy who will give her the attention she needs at the moment.

[QUOTE=Nicole27;3286573]She thinks shes cool cause she was smoking a cig when she doesn't even smoke..what a turn off to try and be "cool".[/QUOTE]

Yeah, I kinda thought that was ridiculous too! Obviously she has no idea how to just be herself that's why she is always intoxicated in some manner. I see a relationship with her as you being her babysitter and saving her from herself. That can get old pretty quickly.

[QUOTE=Nicole27;3286573]I wouldn't be wasting too much time on this girl if I were you..[/QUOTE]

I have to agree. Besides, once you turn her away for good I'm sure she will find another guy in your circle to glom onto.

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