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[QUOTE=sillysilly_ goose;3294413]okay so im sure this is selfish, but i dont know how to control what i feel. this girl is one of my bestfriends and i cant stand her boyfriend. there is a LIST of things he has does to her and she just continues to give back into him. i know how hard it can be when i put myself in her shoes but this guy is a leech (probably misspelled that). he sucks her in and spits her out over and over. hes even mean to her freakin dog. ive told her how i felt before, and it caused tension between our friendship. i know i cant decide who her boyfriend is, and ive been pretty good at keeping my thoughts to myself. so she doesnt know that i still cant stand him, i mean im sure she does she just hasnt had to hear it. hes a loser and he doesnt even see himself with her in the long run, so i dont understand WHY she stays.

i just wanted to see if maybe anybody had any advice for me and how i can control MYSELF and just ignore the whole situation. its so bad its to the point where i dont even care if her and i speak. like i said I KNOW that its her life and i just need to shut it, but i need to figure out how to stop it from making me so angry. i mean... its not really so much anger.. just annoying i guess. frustrating maybe?

im not sure why it bothers me so much.. possibly because the majority of my girlfriends have dated guys and they always ended up being that "stupid girl".. you know?

ughhh this is so selfish of me. somebody please help :([/QUOTE]

That sounds like alot like my situation or ex situation, i felt like my girlfriends best friend has interfered with our relationship numerous times, and i hated it, her friend seemed to come around during the bad times of our relationship, and even interfered, this is how messed up her friend is, When Natasha was living her in Boston, she is from wv, we'll we lived with my family here, till we could save money, one day she said she wanted to go home, i said id rather have you leave sooner rather than later, She told her friend, who told her mother that i was throwing her out of the house, Now, her friends mother calls my girlfriends father saying, im throwing His daughter out of the house, he called the next morning, talked to my mother saying what is eric doing throwing my daughter out of the house, and my mother was like she is upstairs sleeping, My girlfriends father likes me, and knew i wouldnt do that, but see how that happends, she is the center of attention my ex's is friend, and it sucks alot of people dont like her, Nor does my EX'S father, i mean we would tolerate each other, In fact her friend interfered with the first relationship, Natasha has said numerous times, Sorry, and that she is who she is, well tell her to stay out, she doesnt want to hurt anybody, but in the end it seemed like i was getting hurt more than her friends,... There was another time my buddy emailed my girlfriend saying it would be in your best interest to break up with Eric, he did it as a joke, and her sucky friend emailed her back, saying what does that mean you should break up with Eric, then her friend put ''where was he 6 years ago''... seemed like she would defend her friends more than me, i never hurt natasha in front of any of her friends, i never hurt her ever or said anything or even started a fight....... sux, i truly believe friends have strong say in relationships even thoughs its the person decision

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