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[QUOTE=dma11663;3297489]I am not understanding you. Her friends were interfereing? Listen to me Eric....if someone really has feelings for you....and she is young...23 is very young, they don't care what others tell them....if they want you and want to be with you they will no mtater what. Something in her head said...either she isn't ready or she doesn't see this marriage working. It isn't you it is her. She has issues and that is her problem to deal with. Please. How long ago did this happen? Also, you know that you don't just wake up one day and everything is wrong, wrong wrong. It happens over a period of time. Let her be. She is with her family and let her be. You move on NOW! You have a lot of love to give........don't date if you arent' ready, as someone may get hurt if you go on rebound. Go do hobbies, read books, see friends, family and watch movies. Sleep if you must but please DO NOT contact her.

It will get easier over time

I have a ex who I absolutely loved, loved loved. He broke my heart. I dated him for 1-1/2 years. After about 8 months the relationship started to get weird. He would call less...then disappear for a few weeks, then call me. Then disappear. That went on for 6 months. I truly loved him. At one point is was either 2 or 3 months then morning he called me. I didn't even know who the hell it was. He called and called until I allowed him to come around. Sex was great...I think that is all he wanted. I was an ex. I don't know why people do that because it does confuse the other person that is in love.

Listen.......I had seen him during the month of august (years ago). When he left i siad...I will NOT call him ever again. I stuck to that. In december at aroaund 3:00 in the morning my phone rang. Can you imagine 3-4 months later?? I picked up the phone and only heard sort of breathing on the other end. I took the phone off the hook.......and did not ever try to call him again. In my heart i know that was him. Probably drunk or horny. I found out he got married, had 2 kids and is now divorced. I moved on and I feel better about it today. You need to be is hard but you must. for some reason there is always that last phone call, or face to face meeting. You be in control of that when it happens and tell her NO MORE.[/QUOTE]

Hey, wow thanks, we broke up in Sept, talked till October 5, when she found out i snooped, but look what i found out...she send my personal im's and feelings to her friends, gosh you dont do those type of things, and i was shocked, and wow, big trust issue, She lives in West Virginia, AND im here in massachusetts, so its not to bad.. but like i said her friend would interfer alot and Natasha knew it, and said sorry numerous times, and said thats just how she is, im like she did it the relationship before me and now me, gosh, but your right Natasha is the only one that knows how she feels, nobody else, but her friend Ashley i mentioned in a prior post, Natasha lived here in mass this time last year with my family she had a good teaching job, couldnt hack it one day said she is going home, im like id rather have you leave sooner rather than later, and she told Ashley, who told her mother i was throwing her out of the house, then Ash;s mother called Natasha father, and said i was throwing his daughter out of the house, the next day NATASHA father calls talks to my mother saying what am i doing throwing my daughter out of the house, my mother was like she is upstairs sleeping, Luckily Natasha father likes me, and knew i wouldnt do that, Another time when we broke up during the month of December she told me Natasha and i ARENT compatable was the word who is she to say that, and if we wernt compatable we wouldnt have made it 6 years, Another time, my buddy wrote on Natasha wall on a website, saying it would be in your best interest to break up with eric, he was joking, next thing i know Ashley emails NATASha saying what was eric's friend talking about break up with eric, and Ashley would say ''where was he 6 years ago'' you know what i mean, her friends and i we all get along, she is center of attention all about her, and Natasha father told me god i wish that wasnt her best friend, but she has to make those decisions.. Then Another time like the week before i left, she was a club with her friends, and i was too, same room, Well some guy went to Natasha and said let me buy you a drink i read his lips, So when she got up i grabbed her arm, and said what are you doing, the guy looked back, and was like you coming, Natasha told me she just wanted to get up and sit on a couch, she is a very shy quiet girl, Next thing i know her stupid friend comes over saying stay away from Natasha this and Thats, im like get the f out of my face and she walked away.. you see, Tash would get upset with me, when i spoke for her but her friend does it all the time, im not blaming it on the relationship its pretty much based on ''communication'' like i have said we never fought or cheated or anything like that. but after a while of your best friend saying, im not good, and i truly believe she does that, but Natasha would never admite it, and thats bad, because like i said she never wanted to hurt me or her friends, but i got hit hard during rough times!, But im sure Natasha will call here in a few months, see how im doing, but why?

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