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i am a 46 m fiance 40 f, we have been living together now 7 yrs, engage 5 yrs. the only reason i have not married her is because i have caught her cheating on me 5 times, yes, 5 times.......this last time was at her school, she is a nurse, i caught her xxx text messaging a 17 yr old guy.... i kicked her out for 2 days, then she called and said that it is not what i think, she was having text sex with him and said they never had sex........ i called him and of course he said no to..... i found out from her sons girlfriend that she did sex with him and that she kept in contact with him for 3 more months after i found out by using sons girlfriends found out she was tring to hook up with bartender giving him my work schedule and her #...... she has been married/divorced 2 times and has cheated on all her men.......every job she has had she has had some type of sex with boss or coworker........she has been sexual abuse when she was a kid and i think that has a lot to do with it, but i am tired of her useing that as a cop out.......... she keeps bringing up if i was there for her, the touching, spooning, the sex, etc, she would not have done this.......i love her to death and i know she loves me but i just cant keep going on wondering who she is having sex with anymore..... i have been thinking about having a open relationship but i dont think thats me.........

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