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Lazer, I have a feeling what I am going to say to you is going to fall on deaf ears (again) but I'm going to say it anyway.

You are letting her control you, plain and simple. It is HEALTHY to want a "middle" with everything in your life. My goodness, when I was your age I saw my boyfriend once, maybe twice, a week. You are not married and you have other things going on. If she can't grow up and accept the fact that you are allowed to have other things in your life besides her then you need to just let her go already.

I understand you two love eachother. But love doesn't mean spending every waking moment together. She needs to get out there and have a life of her own. If she chooses not to and sulks instead then that is her problem. You need to still do the things you enjoy.

The whole "proposal" thing seems like a way for her to gain more control. As your "future wife" she feels she is entitled to dictate how you spend your time. You are too young for this and she is too immature. No offense, but this is just a bad idea all around.

You need to sit her down and tell her this is how it's going to be. When she throws a tantrum (which history has proved that she will) you need to ignore it just like you would a child. Let her have her fit and walk away. Show her that her tantrums and rages are not going to work on you anymore. By showing her you are no longer going to let her control your life she will have to make a choice. She will need to change 100% with these issues or she will need to move on to find a guy who likes being told what to do.

You can do it Lazer. Have the confidence not to put up with her crap. You don't need her if this is the way she is going to treat you.

Now, I'm hoping you will take some of my advice, but I'm not going to hold my breath, okay? :D

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