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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]'s the update on my ex and I getting together again for lunch after he broke up with me almost 5 weeks ago. (Sorry, it may be a bit long.) OH....sorry pendulum, there was no wine, just lunch at Dos Rios (Two Rivers) Mexican Restaurant on the River Road where we live. BUT, we had a [B][COLOR="Red"][U]WONDERFUL [/U][/COLOR][/B]time!! :) Neither of us talked about the past, why he broke up (I knew he was angry with me at the time anyway), and talked about nothing from past disagreements or arguments.....[B][U][I]nothing [/I][/U][/B]of the past. Yesterday was yesterday and that's [B][U]all [/U][/B]that counted. We can't to anything about the past anyway. So, we had a wonderful lunch, went down "The Great River Road", which is right in our town, went for a long hike through the woods, held hands, laughed, sat and talked for a long time and had just as good time just as we did before and then went back to his house. He became very amorous and I knew what he wanted. I said "things may not be the same you know".......and he said "things are [B][U]EXACTLY [/U][/B]the same". Well, I knew what that meant without having to ask him.....I know him VERY well. It meant he was angry, went through the time he needed to get over it, wanted to wait and see how [B][I]I [/I][/B]felt about him breaking it off, and after I sent him the "Thank You" card that thanked him for all the memories we made, he KNEW how I felt......and that's all he needed to know he wouldn't have to be afraid to call me again. With me, I knew that meant that his love for me had not just needed a "time out".

So......bottom line here? We've both learned a LOT about each other and how we feel about each other after this longest breakup we've ever had. I think it made HIM see how much he really DID miss me.....and me the same....and I think it made us see that we CAN 'carry this relationship off ' if we continue to remember the lessons we've learned here. Yes.....we've both done things over the past 2-1/2 years to hurt each other, said stupid things and all the other things we ALL do when we're in a serious relationship.....but that is human nature.

The things we have going for us that some of the "younger people" out there haven't necessarily had the chance to learn yet is....when you get older (and we may seem ANCIENT to some of you :D because I'm a very young 64 and he is a very young 78.......YES.....we CAN still be [B][U]VERY [/U][/B]"young at heart" at that age AND fall in love JUST as intensely as you younger ones ([B]and [/B]young in body too [B]if [/B]you workout for years and stay healthy....please younger people out there.....DO THAT for YOU!!) ......BUT, we also have the advantage of "learning from our past life experiences" and we do NOT "play games" with each other. We do almost EVERYTHING you "young folks" do......YES we DO....believe it or will will see when you get to our age. We bike ride, take long walks, get a blanket and go to the park to watch the sun go down......and all the other romantic things that mean SOOO much to us as we get older.

So.....bottom line? I think we are back to where we were before. I KNOW this. I'm a very savvy woman (not bragging....just being honest) and I KNOW when I'm being "shoveled bull"......and he IS sincere. I could see that same old sparkle in his eyes when he saw me and I just KNEW....."Yes.....he still loves me!" So.....we are going to continue to see each other, go places together...and so on.

Now.........another opinion from all of you out there. IS there anything wrong with me seeing TWO guys at one time??????? Remember, I began seeing guy #2 after my breakup? We've become good friends and knows I'm not ready for more right now. I AM in love with "guy #1) and I really LIKE "guy #2) he helps me a LOT financially and I need that right now. BUT.....keep in mind, I would NEVER, EVER be intimate with TWO men at one time......[B][U]NEVER[/U][/B]. I just do NOT think that is something a woman should do and I would NOT want my granddaughters to do that. I DO have morals and values and I would have to answer to a Higher Power if I did that.

Now........I KNOW neither of these men would be WANTING me to be seeing the other.......BUT, is it "wrong" for ME to be seeing both of them? After all, I can do what I want.....right. I just do NOT want to lose either one of them......I care for them both VERY much......but love the #1 man.

So.......there is my LONG story. I'm happy again.....NOT because of HIM, but because I now believe I KNOW what I want to do........I want to see BOTH of them.....but in very different ways. And, again, I would [B][U]NEVER [/U][/B]be intimate with both. JUST the one I'm in love with.....(my "guy #1)

HEY......guys do that don't they???? But, when they do it, in my mind, they are playing games. I am not......I really DO care for these men and would NEVER play games with them......but, I MAY be doing it without even knowing it......what do you think????? :confused:

Now.........advice is VERY, VERY welcome. But.......bottom line.....the day was WONDERFUL!!!!!!! OH.........HEY........we even went down in the woods (like the 'younger' people do) and had a VERY 'sexy' encounter with each other there......NOT all the way......just romantic. :)

OH.....AND.......has ANYONE out there had ANY kind of similar circumstances in a relationship similar to mine????????????????? :confused: I'd sure LOVE to hear about it......and I'm sure others would love to also.
A happy camper now that I have "my loved one back",

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