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Hi I have a boyfriend I am 27 and he is 22 but we have a child together and love eachother. The one problem I am facing with him now is that in the beginning I was always angry and frusterated due to just having a baby job etc. I changed that now. I am much happier person and try not to let dumb things bother me. I try to be positive and all. He sees that and I feel like it bothers him. Instead of being happy and thinking were getting along FINALLY. He gets cranky and serious doesnít want to talk much very sensitive and stubborn very sensitve and wont talk just short answers but wit a serious look very grouchy. Before when I use to get mad he was always there trying to be nice and understanding and would go out his way. Now that I donít bother him as much and am a lot more calm and confident and try to get along always he seems even more sensitive. I donít know its kind of weird because it should really be the opposite he should be happier. I ask him if everythign is okay and he says yes but than he will be serious and I can see it in his actions that he is bother I donít know what it is if I treat him good now and changed a lot more happier. I think he is very insecure and takes my happiness for I donít care type of way. When never is just that I will not sit their and stay arguing for a long time for things that in reality arent important. I use too not anymore. He doesnít understand. also he is always tense very tense person he has serious issues with that. He cannot stay happy or not complaining for awhile.. he will but than back to the same. I cant do my own thing like study or anything for a while with out telling him first im going to do this or else he things im rejecting him. It seems that he is very immature i dont know its very frusterating. He does not want to commit or change he gets rebellious and wants things his way. I admit i might have drove him to be this way. But i changed and realize it was wrong of me. He is still the same and does not understand and blames me for every reason he is upset. He can act like jerk at times too when he doesnt want to comprehend.When i act nice and patient he does not like it he gets depressed or seems even more cranky.. Is there any way to get thru this man??

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