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I've been married for 20 years. My husband and I have had a comfortable life raised a great daughter (19) and fulfilled my dream 13 years ago of owning horses. My daughter has done great showing them.

5 years ago his grandmother's BIL (We call him Uncle S.) asked my husband to help him out (he was 94 then) and be his caregiver which he agreed to do and it took him away from the house quite a bit, but the upside was his inheritence which reaches close to a million dollars when he passes.

Hubby tells me these sacrifices today will give us a better life in the future.
Fast forward to today...Uncle S. passed away in Sept. DH is now hiding all financial info from me. Uncle S. has a cash box with at least 100 thousand in cash.

Conveniently, Dhs pockets are constantly padded with wads of cash.
He tells me "I've gotta watch my money" when I bring something up that needs work like the bathroom.

He has been spending tons of money behind my back ---oh and I forgot he just bought a brand new Harley "fat Bob". He claims he's been saving and saving for.....NOT TRUE!

I definitely want a divorce and I know I'm not entitled to a dime of the inheritence.
One problem---I can't afford to retain an attorney. I never thought I'd get so screwed over by him.
He won't file for divorce "Itll make him look bad".
I finally got the nerve to a couple weeks ago and then the very next day his Mom died....I of course dismissed it because afterall how could I file for divorce when his mother was dying?
I didn't have the money anyway.
Now I'm prisoner in this life with no way out without money. But he has a million dollars.....
I'm on anti-depressants now and cry almost every day. I won't leave my house and my animals so I'm stuck. He just inherited a house free and clear but he won't move. He wants me as miserable as possible I guess.
thanks for listening..

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