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I am asking for some advice for anyone who can give it to me. I have a boyfriend of 4 years. We have always gotten along great until 8 months ago when he lost his job. He had a medical issue which caused him to get fired for missing too many days. Since then he has become an alcoholic. He is also very depressed and insecure.
I stayed with him because I love him but enough is enough. He has been working on getting another job for about a month and has finally found one that looks promising. He thinks that everything will be okay when he gets the job. The problem is that all of the insecurities and arguing has caused me to not even care about him anymore. Everytime he is around he is always asking me questions about where I have been, who I was with, why did i work late..........
I am completly tired of all of this. I want to tell him that I am finished but I don't know how. I am afraid of what he will do or say. He has been known to be verbally abusive to me. I am afraid to put myself through this. Bottom line is that I am just afraid. I know I need to get over this and just tell him. I just don't know how.
Has anyone experienced this? Can anyone give me advice? Please help me, I am lost and afraid. :(:confused::dizzy:

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