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LOL! My goodness! Well thanks for the compliments, Gypsy, and while I found your post very amusing, I do hope you aren't so hard on yourself in reality.

I do agree that there is a definite shortage of good men. Someone once asked me a long time ago why I couldn't get over my ex, why I still thought of him after so many years. She said "what did this guy have, a huge you-know-what" except she phrased it another way. People really can't understand why I can't get over him, I've been called "obsessed," "crazy," been told by friends and family to just "get OVER it!!" I was thinking of an example the other day of why it's so hard for me. I was driving a broken down piece of tin when I was dating my ex for the first year and it broke down in front of his house once. I couldn't move it for a week. His roommate, one of the friends who had since told me to just get over it, didn't like having my car in front of his house so long. He took the spare key I left and tried to start it. It wouldn't. On his way back into the house, he dropped my key and it fell through the slats in the wooden porch to the ground underneath. He called me with an "oh well" attitude and told me I'd have to bring my own key and get another copy, that he'd lost my spare. My boyfriend on the other hand, who wasn't even the one who had dropped the key, and who was concerned about me and my car rather than being inconvenieced by my car being outside his house, and who gladly gave me a ride whenever I really needed it, went out on the porch with a coat hanger and spent several minutes fishing my key out from under the porch. I didn't even ask him to. Like I've said, he wasn't perfect by any means, but he had a goodness in him that is rare and very very hard to find. Yes, there are more fish in the sea, there are men everywhere to be had, but not all of them would fish out my key with a coat hanger for me. It just kills that I had that and blew it and lost it. Forgiveness is a big part of letting go and moving on. I haven't figured out how to forgive myself for my mistakes and missteps that cost me a good man, that made the difference between the life I have and the life I could have had.

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