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[QUOTE=the space pixie;3314938]this was to jennylee123 message about not speaking to friends in relationships . . . i'm really sorry that you feel you have to shut out friends just because they are in a relationship and happy . . . i always thought a true friend was there no matter what !

I do understand your feelings . . . a was married very young and my marriage fell apart. I had a friends which were married and single, and i watched all of my single friends fall in love and marry, and i shared in their happiness , i was happy for them . . . . eventually in my early thirties i met someone and i remarried but i am still very close to all of my friends i had before . . . why sit at home feeling sorry for yourself when you can actually be out there with your friends and being happy for them !

love will come to you when you least expect it, but not when your sitting at home on your own ![/QUOTE]

I think you were very lucky to have had good friends who loved you and wanted to be with you no matter what. It's just not always the case unfortunately. I've experienced it, my friends and co-workers have experienced it, my brother's experienced it, no matter how close you are to someone, when they get a SO, they disappear. They stop returning your phone calls, they're always too busy to do things with you, all their time and attention goes to their SO relationship, they never want to go out anymore, the two of them just want to stay in and relax, and after the kids come, forgetabatit!! They can't get a sitter, the kids are sick, they're always too tired to come over to your place or for you to go over to their place, etc. It happens. It's just a fact of life.

I think it's great you had such good friends who didn't take a powder and were still there for you even though they got coupled up.

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