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[QUOTE=Nina000;3312691]Your bf is the enabler of this woman's calls. ... I have been dealing with a similar issue recently involving a stalker ex of my partner. This kind of behaviour doesn't die away if he does not put an end to it. Does he want to? Is he too soft to tell her flat out to stop bothering him? If so, then you will have to be prepared for a lot more of this, unfortunately.[/QUOTE]

OP- have a browse through threads/ posts of Nina's- she is married to a man who still talks to his ex (they have a child together) and it makes her life a misery! not because of the psycho ex (well, yes partly) but more because of her partner- she doesnt feel as though he sticks up for himself or for their relationship. Take a look at the posts. It isn't pretty.
Talk to your boyfriend now about this. Tell him it makes you uncomfortable. Lets see his reaction. If he fails to do anything about it, then i suggest you walk away from the relationship. it isnt worth the frustration and heartache. youve not been dating so long, so it will be good and have a less negative impact on you and your life. think im going over the top? just take a look at Nina's posts.

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