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I want to thank everyone for replying! I broke up with him! We were on the phone tonight and I was asking about his ex, again, and I asked him if he ever calls his ex. He said NO! I asked him like 3 more times and he said NO. Then he said, "well I might call her here and there..." Well, long story short, our relationship is downgraded to strictly friends. He said, "well maybe we can date here and there..." and I said "No, strictly friends." He told me that he isn't sure if I'm his type! And he told me that things didn't feel right to him. I told him that I thought he was a nice guy and treated me well, but conversation with him was somewhat forced, which is true. I was shocked that he lied to me. That proves that whatever he was doing with his ex was inappropriate!
Also, I had asked him WHY he still talks to his ex, and he said, "why not?"

I sent him a text message this morning saying, "I want you to know that me breaking it off had absolutely nothing to do with your ex. I just don't like being lied to."

So when I see him at work, or when I go pick up my stuff from his house tomorrow night, I'm going to tell him that I made the mistake of looking at his phone and seeing that he had called her AS SOON AS he left my house on Sunday. Maybe then I'll find out WHY he called her when he did.

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