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[QUOTE=apple_juice;3313759]Yes, you have a very good point.
I wont start seeing the guy who I have been talking about.
I may start seeing the other guy, who has always been on the scene, but i doubt it will develop into anything more, because i dont want anything more. there would be nothing to reject.
i just want to go out, enjoy myself, concentrate on my uni work, newspaper etc. i will try to get over my ex as best as i can, though i am finding it difficult at times, and easier at other times.
i know i have to truely heal before i get into another relationship. i know that, i wuold never rebound. that would be bad and not healthy.[/QUOTE]

I mean, I'm not saying dont do anything at all with a guy. Like me for example: I am 5 weeks out of a relationship and as you know I am having a hard time coping with the recent developments of his cheating and the new gf...but i am taking things VERY slow with someone. He knows where my head is and I know where he is. It is really nice and comfortable because we are becoming good friends...who kiss. ;) So that is good...but I am keeping a level head.

But yesterday I was down about all of the drama...I emailed an ex who I havent talked to for 2.5 years because he made my bf at the time insecure. Well, I emailed him...and he wrote back this cold whatever email saying he'll see me around. Not what I was expecting. Thought hed be excited to hear from me...not so much, made me sad. I'm over it, but it was bugging me yesterday being in the emotional state i was in.

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