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[QUOTE=apple_juice]is he coming back home after work to talk?[/QUOTE]

Yes he is. As he said "I would like to come home after work and talk...that is, if I'm allowed to come back tonight".

[QUOTE=Destea]Someone had to talk some sense into that boy... you don't just pack up and leave when it gets rough or you're having a tantrum! Geez, he has kids to think about nevermind his own wife![/QUOTE]

That's pretty much what I said to him this morning. We all have "bad days" and things happen. But unless he did something unthinkable (like hit me or cheat on me) I would NEVER just leave like that. I couldn't imagine feeling very good about myself doing that, and boy did I lay the guilt on him this morning telling him about our 6 year old's reaction to him not being there this morning (and when she got up and asked for water at 4:30 this morning). I really wanted to make sure he understood that when you're a parent you're not allowed to be selfish.

He swears that the "family" comment wasn't meant the way it sounded, but that doesn't make me feel any better about it. The girls adore him and he knows I would do anything to make him happy. How he doesn't see the fact that I would be offended by that is uncomprehendable to me. I'm always (well, almost always) one to choose my words very wisely. I don't think it's asking too much to have him do the same. This is the very thing we are trying to teach our daughter, that words hurt. It's pretty hypocritical to expect me to just say "okay" and let go.

I will let you know how the evening goes. Since we are both exhausted (because we both slept like crap) I'm pretty sure there won't be any boxing gloves coming out.

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