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[QUOTE=ash519;3313566]So...To summarize my ex and I broke up like 6 weeks ago. We were together 2.5 years. I was a loyal and devoted gf...and he had a tendancy to lie and manipulate. Well, we didnt go completely nc right away...still had a few I miss you so much texts (mutually) and I knew he still loved me, we just didnt work.

Well, I found out last week he is sleeping with his friends ex (they are no longer friends now) and he cheated on me a few times, in the first year of us being together (and probably more).

So what am i having a really hard time coping with? The fact that he hasnt even picked up the phone to TRY and apologize to me. Sorry I cheated...sorry i hurt you...sorry i rebounded soi quick and you had to find out about it and such a crappy way...sorry that I tricked u into staying in a relationship for so long.

I know he had strong feelings for me...I also know he was a JERK! But just TRY and say you're sorry! Not that I would accept it, but has he lost ALL respect. He has a new gf and now whatever. I know he cares that I know and is VERY angry with his friend for telling me (Which he doesnt really have a pot to piss in with that one) but i deserve something. I wouldnt even answer his call...but i dont know. You probably know what I mean.

Also, my brothers are still friends with them, my ex and his new gf. And she like plasters herself on my brothers ******* saying to come hang out with them...and see his band with her etc. I HAVE DONE NOTHING! Not a phone call to ***** her out, nothing! I feel like it is all so disrepectful.

Support me! Please![/QUOTE]

You are doing SOOOOOO the right thing!!

If you were to call and talk crap to the new gf or even your ex you would make yourself to be the psycho ex girlfriend whose not over her ex..

If you stay silent it comes off to EVERYONE that you just don't care and you can do better without come off looking the better person..

I'm sorry you're going through this, I can relate. But just know FOR SURE that you're doing the right thing. And also know that you don't need an apology from him.. you don't. Who cares? He's not sorry because that's his personality to be a jerk. Chances are he WILL NOT be good to her in the long run... it will end up between them the way it ended up with you 2.

I know it sucks to think he's moved on or what not.. but when you get over him you'll understand so much more that it didn't matter..that it is irrelevant to you're life.. God forbid but if you were to die today would it matter tomorrow that he had a new gf? NO! and you know it!

So don't stress too much.. everything works out for the best!!

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