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And what exactly is her brother supposed to do? Beat him up? Yell at him? Stop being friends with him? None of those scenarios are likely, so I say be the bigger person and find a boyfriend who doesn't cheat.[/QUOTE]

I really appreciate hearing any opinions on this and I can see more from Larrylou, Apple and Happymoms POV (obviously) because it is mine and I am very upset...but I do see where bulletproof is coming from to a degree. I dont want to divide my family over this. My ex isnt worth that. But I atleast expected my brother to yeah, yell at him. Tell him that considering they are friends he expected his friend to treat me much better than that and he is a disrespectful jerk. Tell him that he doesnt want to flush the friendship down the toilet but that he doesnt see him the same. Something! Anything! I just got out of a relationship withs someone who never had my back...I want someone to have my back, and who better than my brothers. My other brother just realized it yesterday and is really mad. He finally realized that I was in counseling for him and that my ex would go to him and ***** and my brother would kind of take his side...well, needless to say he thought I was just being insecure like my ex said and now realizes what a jerk he is.

But my other brother is the one that is actually close to him and he is doing and saying nothing.

My ex knows that his cheating hurts me regardless if i say anything or not. I wrote him a letter, the final draft. It wasnt profane or sappy or overly angry...more or less telling him what I think of him as a person...I dont know if I should send it. At the end I wrote "You're lucky all you're getting is a letter." Should I mail it? I mean, it's a good letter, and I didnt write anything I will regret later....

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