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Hello.. i just have a little bit of an issue and i wanted to see if there was anyone who could have some advice to get over it. I worked with a girl for 3 years and we had a couple of dramas. Firstly, one night we were out and another co-worker (who had a girlfriend) told me he was falling for me.. she kissed him in the cab on the way home (only telling me months later). In the mean time I'd really started to like him and she'd always ask me about how things were with him - little did i know he was giving her all the same lines and she was speaking to him aswell. Anyway, when I found out she'd be going behind my back and then sourcing me for info it made feel sick to my stomach - this happened over a span of a year. We still had to work together and after about a year of not speaking, I got over it and we began communicating as friends again (although i never really trusted her). A new guy came along a year and a half ago. I kissed him one night when we were out and to cut a long story short she kissed him after that.. me and this guy were really good mates.. but he really liked her. She gave him an ultimatum and i lost out.. not only on a relationship with this guy (which i could have dealt with) but he was one of my best mates at the time - and i know that this is probably going to sound dramatic but i had more fun with him than ive had with anyone - he is amazing. Then they got together (behind my back for a while) but we'd speak every day or 2 on the phone then one day that was it - i lost him. He worked with us aswell and seeing them together made me feel like absolute crap! I almost quit because i couldn't handle it. When ever i saw him from that point on he was just really distant to me. OK.. now they got together a year and a half ago and I left to go overseas in June. The girl in question was going overseas after me and is still there now. I deleted both there numbers and left the country (but not because of this!). i returned back in the country last week and only recently ive started thinking about him again. Ive been in a relationship since and it never came up at the time. I cant seem to let this go and I dont know why. I'm not sure what the situation is between them but in some weird way I want to know. She's still overseas and i have this feeling of resentment.. or jealousy towards her.
It almost feels like there's this weight on my shoulders - always thinking of these people that I dont care about and aren't in my lives.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how i can let this go.. I dont want to think about them anymore.

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