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[QUOTE=wishgirl;3331899] I think I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to have my husband email the main guy in charge of the reunions and ask him to take my husband off the list. He can look online for the info if he ever wants to go.[/QUOTE]

This is a very good idea.

[QUOTE=wishgirl;3331899]I may have him do what was suggested on these boards about the photos. So thanks for the input. It's been very supportive and helpful. I don't feel like I'm wrong now for feeling irritated. [/QUOTE]

I'm glad to hear it. Please feel free to report back and let us know how it all panned out; I'd be interested to hear how this unfolds, and please keep in mind that we don't [I]all[/I] think you're jealous and paranoid! :)

Good luck!

[QUOTE=Laylah;3332025]and please keep in mind that we don't [I]all[/I] think you're jealous and paranoid! :)[/QUOTE]

Absolutely not! What wife is going to sit back and watch as another woman pursues her husband? NOT ME!

I was just thinking last night about my 10 year cousin and I and her husband all graduated from the same school so we all went to the reunion together...I can't remember all that happened but they had a huge falling out over his EX gf that he dated through highschool. I do recall that she was all over him during the reunion!

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