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I totally agree with you Skarn. I don't get the big deal either, I just had my reunion myself, hooked up with alot of old friends, men and women, my husband knows about it, feels no need to monitor or accompany me to these things, and we trust each other. His reunion will be next yaer, i could care less if old girlfriends try to contact him or who he will see there. He is an adult, he can make up his own mind and honestly, I have faith in him.

In day to day life, we both have friends of the opposite sex that we see without each other, we always have.

I also agree that just because she keeps posting, doesn't mean she is stalking him. All he has to do is reply that he doesn't want to attend, end of story. When my high school reunion was being arrange various people would keep emailing until others would reply. Curious why he doesn't want to attend as well, is it because the OP has such a huge problem with it? I think it's quite funny how we automatically assume a woman much be a stalker and want him back just because she posts and wants to post old pictures for a reunion.

All this drama reminds me or something at my reunion, ours was a two night one, and the first night was a pub night where only grads were allowed. I was talking to an old friend there, a guy, and I asked him where his friend was as I knew they still talked. He said his friend wasn't " allowed " to this part of the reunion because he could run into old girlfriends and the wife didn't want him to go alone for that reason and also being out a bar without her! Give me a break!!!! The second night we were free to bring spouses, but I chose not to as did most of my friends. I mean why would my spouse want to go to my reunion where he would be bored and wouldn't know anyone. I just think people get way too worked up about things. And also, even if she was wanting him, whichi it's not clear she does, who cares? She can want him all she wants, what does it matter, doesn't mean he would go there.

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