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He still tells me everything. He told me everything then and still does. He asks about my family. I just listen to him. don't say too much. he didn't just want to be friends...or he wouldn't have started anything with me. I think he wanted to see what would be....or if it would go somewhere. Then Iopened my mouth and said a few things and aggravated him. He can't take th bumps.....4 days good 3 days bad. Can't do it. doesn't want the stress from that. Wants to call and ocme around when he wants to call, etc. He is fun to be with....but I am physically attracted to him......not sure if he feels the same way about me. I think as time went on it (sex) may have been better....more comfortable.

Also, 1 week after...he was gone. he always told me he liked me, cared for me and thought the world of me. I didn't make this up. Where did the caring go......I mean if you really care enough about a person, you do the right thing. I liked being with him, he gave me often does that happen to any of us?

i guess I could be friends......control myself......I don't know how he feels. He still talks to me about everything. I should not be his sounding board. He is having his cake and eating it too....and that's not fair. Do you really believe that he will come aroaund eventually to see how I am. I am trying to avoid him at all costs.........if I duck out of sight....I wonder if he would think.....either Thank God or I wonder where she is and how she is???

He said...time will tell.....and time heals everything. What does this mean?

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